About Us

We are the official group representing all Dental Specialists in the Province of Alberta.

Dental specialists are dentists that have completed the basic DDS education but are also required to complete an additional residency program that routinely involves a minimum of 3 years of a structured didactic and clinical educational program in a specific discipline in dentistry.


The ASDS is a dental society that was officially formed in 1989 as a society of dental specialists in Alberta.

The society was formally recognized by the Alberta Dental Association + College in December 1990 and was officially recognized by the Province of Alberta through the Consumer and Corporate Affairs Corporate Registry under the Societies Act on June 12, 1990.

The most important initial objectives of the society were to act upon concerns of mutual interest, to provide support among the various dental specialty groups, to encourage, foster and develop among its members, a recognition of the importance of specialties within the practice of dentistry.

These initial objectives have been recently expanded to include providing support for all oral health care providers, acting as an information resource for all oral health care providers, promoting optimal oral and general health care for the public and promoting and improving communication within the profession of dentistry.